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Diary Dates 2024

Cadwell Park 11/12th May

Entry closing date Midnight 30/04/2024

Pembrey 15/16th June

Entry closing date Midnight 01/06/2024

Darley Moor 06/07th July

Entry closing date Midnight 25/06/2024

Anglesey 10/11th August

Entry closing date Midnight 27/07/2024

Cadwell Park 14/15th September

Entry closing date Midnight 31/08/2024

A late entry fee of £40 will apply

for entries made after the

closing date

PR6 Parade:- For Race-Prepared Machines

Requirements for PR6 parades as stated in the ACU handbook

20.4 PR6 CLASSIC MACHINE AND/OR RIDER PARADES Being Parades usually organised as an integral part of a ACU/MCRCB permitted race meeting where an opportunity is provided for “Past Master” class riders to participate to celebrate past performances 322 ROAD RACING AUTO CYCLE UNION HANDBOOK 2015 and/or riders of Classic machines or Machines of Historical Interest to participate for their own pleasure in controlled circumstances.

  • Non competitive No Classic parade will include any competitive element in any circumstances.
  • Courses Only courses licenced by the ACU/MCRCB for road racing may be used.
  • Permit and Supplementary Regulations Parades require an ACU/MCRCB Permit which will be issued following approval of the Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms to be issued for the event. Where a Classic Parade is to be organised as part of an ACU/MCRCB Permitted race meeting it will be held under the Permit issued for that event.
  • Machine qualification Classic machines must be equipped with racing number plates and display the allocated riding numbers. Machines must be examined by an ACU Technical Official. Organisers may limit the type of machine allowed or grade the machines into separate parades.
  • Documents Riders are required to provide a commentator’s information sheet with the history of both themselves and their machine. Riders are also required to sign-on on the form provided by the Organising Club on the day of the event.

Insurance Insurance cover is included as follows

  • The Insurance Company (Brokers) will be appointed by the ACU/MCRCB.
  • Personal Accident benefits are included for those taking part in PR6 Parades and is limited to £10,000 Death, and £20,000 Loss of or loss of use of two limbs or the sight of two eyes, or loss of use of one limb and one eye, the loss of or loss of use of a limb or the sight of an eye. There are no weekly benefits in respect of temporary or total disablement.
  • Should any participants be found to be in breach of these Standing Regulations for Parades the Insurance arrangements stated in this article will be null and void.
  • The Insurance is for personal accident only and does not cover machine, clothing, equipment etc.
  • The Secretary of the Parade is responsible for the payment of Personal Accident Insurance premiums, which must be submitted to the Secretary of the meeting on the day of the parade at the latest. The Secretary of the Meeting is then responsible for the payment of the Insurance Premiums to the Brokers.
  • No cover is included in respect of machines, clothing or other personal property etc.
  • Rider qualification 1. Riders under 70 years of age must hold a current ACU Road Race Competition Licence, or a current ACU Road Race Parade Licence or a Class A DVLA motorcycle licence. Participants (including sidecar passengers) who are 70 or over must hold an ACU Parade Licence or a current ACU Road Race Competition Licence. 2. The minimum age for participation in Parades is 14 years. Where a participant is under the age of 18 years a Parental Consent Form must also be completed. 3. All participants must complete an Entry Form Declaration using the standard ACU wording for participation in Road Racing. 4. Riders with a licence from other FMNs must produce valid Start Permission and Medical Repatriation to at least FIM standards. 5. Riders must be members of an ACU affiliated club
  • Briefing 1. The Clerk of the Course of the Organising Club will conduct a briefing which all riders participating in the parade must attend.AUTO CYCLE UNION HANDBOOK 2015 ROAD RACING 323 2. Failure to attend the briefing will result in disqualification unless the Clerk of the Course has previously issued a waiver in writing to any participant. 3. The briefing will include Flag Signals, Speed, Safety, the Timetable and all other general arrangements for the conduct of the Parade.
  • Method of start Riders will be filtered on to the circuit in small groups. Parades for “Past Masters” only may be started either singly or in small groups from the designated Starting grid at the discretion of the Organisers and where so required for the introduction of noteworthy participants to spectators.
  • Noise The maximum noise level is 105 dB/A. Noise levels will be measured in accordance with the procedure specified in the ACU Standing Regulations for Road Racing. Exceptionally, noise levels may be increased on special occasions for the demonstration of particular riders or machines. In all such cases the permission of all appropriate sporting and civil authorities must be obtained beforehand.
  • Speed The speed of the Parade will be determined by the Clerk of the Course who will take into consideration the circuit, conditions and machinery. Classic parades will not generally be speed restricted, but the organiser may use pace cars and/or travelling marshals as described for PR5 parades if required. The Clerk of the Course will immediately disqualify any rider deemed to be riding in an inappropriate manner by means of a Black Flag displayed at the Start and Finish line together with a board bearing the rider’s number.
  • Conduct of Parades Parades must be conducted with Officials, Marshalling and Medical services all in place.
  • Protective Clothing and Helmets As per Road Race Standing Regulations. Riders must present themselves at Technical Control fully clothed for Parading.
  • Number of Riders permitted The maximum number of Paraders in any session will be the same as that authorised on the ACU MCRCB Circuit Licence for Official Practice.
  • Officials The Organisers will appoint a Parade Secretary to be responsible for the proper completion of all entry forms and any other associated documents. The Club will appoint an ACU licensed Clerk of the Course to be responsible to the Stewards of the Meeting and to the Organisers for the general good management and conduct of the Parade.