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Diary Dates 2024

Cadwell Park 11/12th May

Entry closing date Midnight 30/04/2024

Pembrey 15/16th June

Entry closing date Midnight 01/06/2024

Darley Moor 06/07th July

Entry closing date Midnight 25/06/2024

Anglesey 10/11th August

Entry closing date Midnight 27/07/2024

Cadwell Park 14/15th September

Entry closing date Midnight 31/08/2024

A late entry fee of £40 will apply

for entries made after the

closing date

We have opened the entries for all of the 2024 race meetings. We now have an online entry system, this will help take some of the pressure off Sophie in the coming year.

Those of you who have joined or registered with the BHRC will already have access to the portal for entries, if you haven't yet created an account please CLICK HERE and in the create new account area, enter your email address and create a password, then fill in all your details, you will only have to do this once. This will give you access to your personal portal where you will be able to join the British Historic Racing Club, enter meetings, etc.

The payment method is via Stripe, this is totally secure and BHRC never see your card details.. You are not entered in the event until payment has cleared. Due to several riders not turning up to a booked meeting, we can no longer accept on-the-day payments.

We understand that not everyone gets on with computers or doing things online and if anyone is finding it difficult then please try family, friends, or neighbors for help, if that fails then contact me on 07944 266895 and I will do all I can to help.

Anyone who has an Alpha portal will be able to use the above link with their login details and enter meeting or see their entries etc. You might have an Alpha portal if you have entered the Lord of Lydden recently or are into go-carting.


Calendar 2024

£ 10 posted Click to buy

New Officials and Committee

The club committee and officials changed at the AGM.

After many years holding the club together Gerry Daine has stepped down and handed over the reigns of the club to the new chair Ann Goodey.

Carole Allison has stepped down from the position of secretary and the post has been filled by Georgina Coldwell after stepping down as deputy chair.

Jayne Allison has stepped down from the chief marshal position and the post has been filled by Ann Mallett and Henry Gaunt.

The club would like to thank Gerry, Carole, and Jayne for their years of work behind the scenes. The experience they have brought to the club is not lost though as they have all been re-elected to sit on the committee for the following year.

Other committee members who have stood down are, Steve Kowalski, Dave Matravers, Keith Prime, Bob Livesey, and Roger Moss. Again the club thanks them all for helping the club over the past years.

Going into 2024 the officials and committee are as follows.

Chair. Ann Goodey.

Secretary. Georgina Coldwell.

Treasurer. Ralph Coldwell.

Sophie Thomas. Entries Secretary.

Ann Mallett Joint Chief Marshal

Henry Gaunt Joint Chief Marshal

Nic Powell. Eligibility.

Carole Allison

Jayne Allison.

Dave Bristow.

Gerry Daine.

Richard East.

Wendy Glenn.

Mike Kemp.

John Lorriman.

2023 Trophies.

2023 Trophies.

The club does not have storage facilities for the trophies not collected at the AGM Dinner / Dance.
Would all winners of this year's awards please contact Georgina at and arrange to have their trophies posted out.
She will need a name, postal address, and phone number so the treasurer can ring and take payment for P&P.
The P&P costs are:-
3rd place trophy £5.00
2nd place trophy £6.50
1st place trophy £8.00
If anyone does not want their trophy, please let Georgina know and we can recycle them for use next year.

Marshals Required !

Can you, or anyone you know, help us marshal for the 2024 season?

Please see our marshaling page to find out more. Marshaling with BHR

BHR News & Articles

AGM the 2023 agenda is available HERE

NEW: Racing only Section :NEW

Going forward into 2024 and beyond

Until recently it has been a requirement for riders who wish to race with British Historic Racing to be VMCC members. This year a new 'race only' section of the BHR has been formed. It will be known as the British Historic Racing Club (BHRC) and it is affiliated with the ACU to enable members to apply for their racing licence.

If you would like to benefit from everything the VMCC offers you will need to remain a member of the VMCC. As a fully paid up VMCC member you will still be able to race with BHRC and will not have to pay a separate membership fee. However, we do require you to register with us as you will need a current BHRC registration to enter the races online. There is no cost to VMCC members to register with us.

Alternatively, you may wish just to become a member of BHRC, if so you will need to create an account with Alpha to give you access to your portal (gateway) where you will be able to purchase your membership. When your membership portal is active you will be able to organise your racing season and in the future purchase goods, etc. VMCC members will also need to create an account with Alpha to be able to register. There is no cost to create the Alpha account.

The BHRC membership will run from the 1st of January until the 31st of December when memberships will expire on the 31st of December irrespective of the joining date. The one exception to this will be for 2023. If you join now your membership will expire on the 31st of December 2024 so there is no need to wait until January to join. The cost of British Historic Racing Club membership is £30.00 for the 2023/2024 season.

If you wish to join please visit the British Historic Racing Club Forum - View the Board Index- Information Source- “New British Historic Racing Club NEW” and follow the instructions. Or click below.

CLICK HERE to start your BHRC membership process.

2023 - New 500 Twins Class

Following recent requests and representations from “CB500 Twins” riders , British Historic Racing has decided to try find some headroom inside our 2023 race-program for the popular 500 twins-class as previously supported by Thundersport GB.

Eligible machines will be broadly in line with Thundersport regs from 2022:

Ie. Including Honda CB500 1993-2003 Drum & Disc brake Models (CBF model not eligible) Suzuki GS500 1989-2004 Kawasaki ER500 1997-2006 , with the exception of Tyres-Regs:-

Depending on numbers, it is possible mixed-grids may apply. Therefore Tyre regs will be strictly in line with current BHR regs. Ie TYRES: Slicks, hand cut tyres , Wets, Tyre-Warmers are NOT permitted for BHR’ Classes / Events Note : there is a whole range of hugely competent sports and race tyres available which is “good from the lights” even without tyre warmers the same, similar tyre regs for all machines = great racing !

Please register your interest asap at email:

ACU Brake guard requirement CLICK HERE

ACU announcement 6th march, brake lever guards are a requirement from 2020.

BHRC has a Classic/Vintage club exemption from this requirement, but you WILL need one if racing with certain other clubs and track days.