The vintage Motor Cycle Club - VMCC

British Historic Racing


For all eligibility information please contact Adam Pope

Phone: 07966 261674


Below are both sidecar and solo eligibility forms to download, complete and send to Adam Pope

Eligibility - Methods of Establishment

The new registration forms are now done, sidecars are split into 3 groups, pre 59s, pre 72s including cycle cars and Morgans, and B.E.A.R.S. (This makes things easier for people to decipher as the forms include all the relevant eligibility notes for that particular class and makes things easier for BHR paperwork wise.)

Ideally one of the eligibility team will inspect and photograph each machine at a race meeting, preferably as it comes through scrutineering. This is to ensure that to obtain a registration certificate they intention is to attend and participate in a BHR meetings. It makes it easier for BHR as we get consistency in the photos which we take digitally. The machine can then be signed off there and then.We then aim to send out the registration card within 2 weeks of the machine being inspected and photographed.

The intention is to prioritise all machines that so far have no eligibility/registration paperwork with BHR, then move on to machines already registered so we can re photograph and issue new registration certificates and check that nothing has changed since they were last inspected.

By the end of this season the intention is to have all machines that race with BHR issued with new Registration certificates. As from 2019 season we are proposing that all machine registration certificates must be presenting along with the scrutineering card at scrutineering.It would also be a good idea to include on the card the RPM required for that machine at noise testing as this would save the noise testers time working it out.

(We are creating a new numbering system, to prevent confusion, but note that all existing registration numbers will remain in use with existing machines until they have a new number and registration card issued and then their old number will be deleted.)

There is a new and dedicated e-mail for BHR eligibility so please feel free to pass this on to whoever. (Please use this only for eligibility matters.)

Bullet to Borrow

Does this Bullet have your name on it?

Not to rent... Not to hire... To borrow! (Deposit required)

If you would like to have ago but haven’t got a machine ready for use why not borrow the bullet. For more information please email

The Idea

We started racing with BHR in 2011 on a 1957 BSA A10 outfit. It came to our attention that many people wanted to race but either couldn’t afford the time, financial commitment or didn’t know how to prepare a race bike.

We thought we would do that for them.

We are not made of money so we knew that this had to be on a budget, showing what can be done with limited time and cash. We enjoy being part of BHR; it is a friendly club and we would like others to have a similar experience.

The choice of an Indian Royal Enfield was very deliberate as it makes it affordable and accessible whilst also giving a genuine vintage bike experience.

Interested? find out more.... NEW Bullet to Borrow Brochure